Need business and finance help with IT problems, strategies, training and leadership

Question 1:  IT Problems

Search the Internet for examples of problems that companies have had with their IT processes and/or their IT systems (if you want to use a situation from your company, that’s fine too). 

Please state the company, what the problem is/was and what IT solutions you can propose to help organizations avoid the problems you discovered.

Note: (Links to an external site.)makes a good resource for this online question. 

Question 2:  IT Strategy & Training

Over the past couple decades, the role of IT has changed.  IT workers are no longer the stereotypical programmers; instead, they need to be business partners.  With this in mind:

·  What implications does the shift in the strategic outlook of IT have for traditional IT workers and for the educational institutions that train them?

·  How does this change the emphasis on what knowledge and skills the IT person of the future should have?

·  Should institutions like this College be concentrating on different skill sets than they are now?

Question 3:  IT Leadership

This question comes directly from theAdventures of an IT Leader:  Do you think that IT management is different from management of other functions?  Please explain your answer.

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