Need each one of these answered in about 100-125 words with references 1.How do banks create money?

Need each one of these answered in about 100-125 words with references


1.How do banks create money? What are the uses of money? Discuss how the present US monetary policy affect your firm or company you are familiar with. 


2. What is your understanding of derivatives? Please give an example or examples of this type of bonds. How did the derivatives in one way or another, contribute to the cause of the last Great Recession?


1. Explain in details Monetary Policy. What is the difference between expansionary and contractionary monetary policies? Give specific examples of both that were and/or currently implemented by the Federal Reserve.


2. Explain any one of the following rule, model, or curve.


a. Taylor rule

b. yield curve

c. inverted yield curve

d. monetary regime


1. What is your understanding of a bank run? Describe the role of the Fed as the lender of the last resort.


2. In the words of ex-Fed Chairman Bernanke, he said that the recent financial crisis was a failure of economic engineering and management. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Please explain.


1.What is your understanding of the fractional reserve system? What are some of its strengths and  weaknesses? How do you differentiate that with the full reserve banking system?


2. Explain the concepts of M01, M1, and M2. Please give some examples. Is there an M3 and so on?




Select an organization with which the team is familiar. APPLE

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you include the following: 

•   Research federal government spending and taxes over the last 3-5 years (fiscal policy). Has total government spending increased or decreased? Explain.  Have income tax rates increased or decreased? Explain. 

•   Describe the impact of these fiscal policies on the U.S. economy

•   Describe the impact of these fiscal policies on your team's selected organization.

•   Have other macroeconomic events impacted the economy and/or your selected organization?  If so, explain.

•   What are expectations regarding the strength of the economy in the next 2 years?

•   Make recommendations for your organization regarding how to best compete in the expected economy. 


Include a minimum of 3 peer reviewed sources not including your textbook.

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