Need economics help with a Discussion Topic 10: What did you learn?

You’re at job interview and your interviewer, who will do the hiring, says to you, “So, I see here that you took Macroeconomics in college. Tell me, what did you learn, and how will that help you add value for this company?” Please give him or her a carefully reasoned, analytic and articulate answer.

You may wish to give a general survey of the entire class, starting with the basics of capitalism and finishing with macroeconomic models and policies. You may want to focus on just two or three of the concepts we’ve covered, but if you do that, please explain why you thought they were so important or profound, or why it would provide you with the relevant information to do this job well. You have a lot of latitude on this one – please be creative, articulate and profound.

Before you actually post your submission, you should write a couple of drafts to make sure the syntax and grammar are correct.

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