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This is a clinical reflection paper for medication administration lab.It has to be 3 pages {must construct paragraphs to include my personal experiences which are in bullet points. Use the bullet points to synthesize scientifically meaningful paragraphs and include relevant rationales }APA 7 format2 references from  peer-reviewed nursing journals (less than 5 years old)- provide in-text citations.Title pageHeadingsReference page{Medication administration clinical reflection: Highs and lows of lab todayHighs:1.Caught a medication error while comparing doctor’s order with MAR (Medical administration record). Doctor prescribed 500 mg. Guaifenesin while MAR had it as 400 mg. I did not know what I should do in a situation like that and my professor explained to me the steps I should follow in a situation like that. I was glad I was able to catch the medication error.2.Assessed patient’s lungs3.Used resources available to learn more about the drugs I was administering4.I prepared thoroughly for the lab and knew most of the facts about the medications (Levofloxacin, guaifenesin, metformin ER, benzonatate) I was going to administer.5.Interventions I did- raised head of bed to ease patient’s symptoms for theLows:1.Did not follow precautions for MRSA (Did not don gown and appropriate PPE)2.Forgot the third check of medication by bedside for the standardized patient. I cannot imagine causing harm to a real patient and so glad to practice these skills during labs.3.Did not educate patient on all side effects4.I held off Levofloxacin as patient’s blood sugar was 180 which was high. I should have given it to him and not hold off the medication.5.I did not know that Levofloxacin should not be given with dairy. None of the resources I used had this information and only my professor knew about it.6.When patient insisted that he wanted to make the Metformin ER 500 mg at 1035 while it was due at 1700, I did not explain to him how Metformin ER works due to lack of time.}

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