Northcentral University Transformational Leadership and Leaders Discussion

For this assignment, write a paper that responds to the following:

  • Which of the four normative leadership theories described in the chapter would a leader find most helpful? Explain your choice based on research and literature in this concentration.
  • Complete the Self-Assessment Servant Leadership Questionnaire found on pages 267–269. You can use the questionnaire to rate the servant leadership behaviors of a leader whom you know, or ask someone else to rate you. Explain how a leader can learn from conducting this assessment and analyzing results.
  • Discuss whether servant leadership is unrealistic? Defend your answer. FYI: I believe heavily in servant leadership!

Length: 5 pages not including the title and reference pages.

References: Minimum of five scholarly resources.

1. Singh, K. (2011). Developing Ethics at the Workplace through Transformational Leadership: A Study of Business Organizations in India. Journal of Knowledge Globalization, 4(2), 31–58. Retrieved from….


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