NSB305: Building Professional Capacity- Nursing Case Study- Essay Writing Assignment Task:…

NSB305: Building Professional Capacity- Nursing Case Study- Essay Writing Assignment


Building Professional Capacity – Case essay

1. Apply knowledge and skills of professionalism and strategic leadership in the context of the role of the new graduate registered nurse.

2. Analyse and respond effectively to complex health situations and promote work-life balance and resilience to enable the provision of holistic, person-centred care.

3. Interpret and apply strategic thinking and key skills relating to intraprofessional and interprofessional practice including conflict resolution, team functioning, and advanced communication.

Using Bain’s 5R’s reflection framework identify and critically reflect on a personal professional practice experience of your choice that is different to the issue you covered in your semester topic presentation. The focus is on an issue that you believe may occur again during your transition to practice as a graduate registered nurse. Justify your selection of this topic area and its importance. Identify key aspects related to the experience and nominate specific professional strategies that you will develop and use to address the issue as a graduate registered nurse. Use the literature to justify your your selection of strategies.

You can select any issue that has direct relevance to you but the following topics are addressed during the unit, and can be chosen:
1. Delegation
2. Advocacy
3. Teamwork
5. Workforce diversity
6. Skill mix
7. Scope of practice
8. Inter-professional communication
9. Intra-professional communication
10. Casual and part-time workforces
11. Technology and person focussed care
12. Therapeutic relationship
13. Workplace violence
14. Horizontal violence

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