Nursing Masters




In 750 words, In your initial post, refer at least one article related to your entry from a reputable newspaper (can be online) or other media source that is current within one month and post the link. You must have at least 3-4 references in your initial posting(Not more than 3-5 years), and the media source can be one of them. An easy way to find current articles on health policy is through Kaiser Health News.

Discussion Topic: In your post, you should discuss if and how the ACA has impacted your topic, and the impact of Republican proposals to repeal/replace the ACA on your topic.

Group 2: Quality: What are two public policies needed to improve quality without increasing expenses?


3-4 Scholarly articles synthesis


Discussion Rubric – 100 Points
Criteria Exceeds Expectations
Frequency of Contribution Initial post with two peer replies posted on two separate days.  25 points
Initial Post Initial post to is on time and of the correct length (500–750 words). All components of the initial post requirements are addressed. Course content synthesis is applied with at least two scholarly references included.  25 points
Peer Replies On time. There was substantial evidence and synthesis of

course content utilizing course topics and the introduction of

questions and new information.  25 points

Writing Mechanics and APA Format Few to no writing mechanics or APA errors.  25 points
Total points 100




Writing Assignment Rubric – 100 Points
Criteria Exemplary Exceeds Expectations
Content of Paper The writer demonstrates a well-articulated understanding of the subject matter in a clear, complex, and informative manner. The paper content and theories are well developed and linked to the paper requirements and practical experience. The paper includes relevant material that fulfills all objectives of the paper. Follows the assignment instructions around expectations for scholarly references. Uses scholarly resources that were not provided in the course materials. All instruction requirements noted. 30 points
Analysis and Synthesis of Paper Content and Meaning Through critical analysis, the submitted paper provides an accurate, clear, concise, and complete presentation of the required content. Information from scholarly resources is synthesized, providing new information or insight related to the context of the assignment by providing both supportive and alternative information or viewpoints. All instruction requirements noted. 30 points
Application of Knowledge The summary of the paper provides information validated via scholarly resources that offer a multidisciplinary approach. The student’s application in practice is accurate and plausible, and additional scholarly resource(s) supporting the application is provided. All questions posed within the assignment are answered in a well-developed manner with citations for validation. All instruction requirements noted. 30 points
Organization Well-organized content with a clear and complex purpose statement and content argument. Writing is concise with a logical flow of ideas. 5 points
APA, Grammar, and Spelling Correct APA formatting with no errors. The writer correctly identifies reading audience, as demonstrated by appropriate language (avoids jargon and simplifies complex concepts appropriately). Writing is concise, in active voice, and avoids awkward transitions and overuse of conjunctions. There are
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