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  • Subject Nutrition
  • Number of pages 4
  • Format of citation MLA
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Hi. I just  need you to summarize this YouTube video about obesity in at least 4  full pages. Please categorize the summary into two points: 1. How what  the speakers are talking about relate to lifestyle and 2. How what the  speakers are talking about relate to culture. This summarization is part  of my whole paper that talks about how culture and lifestyle has shaped  obesity so just remember to focus on those two aspects when you are  doing the summarizing. Formatting Instructions: 12 point font. Calibri (Body). Double spaced.  Indented Paragraphs. Thank you in advance for taking this paper on such short notice. I  really appreciate it.  Link to YouTube Video that you are summarizing:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moQZd1-BC0Y

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