Ohio State College WSN- MIMO Adaptive Mutation Artificial Bee Colony Paper

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Thank you for send the document ,the file is better but need more improvement you must writeing the Methodology chapter regarding vthe content which sent to you I will attach files help to enhance and improve the Methodology file by rewrite with summaries the attached files
Please make the requred correction and do not change the senietific trems
for example [employee bee can not chage to utilized honey ]
3.3.1 Identification of problem statement for localization in WSN- MIMO
3.3.2 Distance estimation process
3.3.3 Implementation Performance Evaluation of Existing Localization techniques
3.5.1 Path Loss Prediction Model
3.5.2 Node Model
and theae a lot of information about help you

I re attached same files with better copy ,please please check the content and rewrite the Methodology again ant take your time
just read the (improve file first then read other files

and this

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