Online Quiz with Lecture Slides health and medicine homework help

This quiz covers Ch. 1, 2 & 6 (I will upload) and the Introduction to Public Health lecture notes. The quiz consists of true/false and multiple choice questions. You will have 75 minutes to complete this quiz and it must be completed in one sitting. Once you start the quiz, be prepared to complete it right then. If you experience technical difficulties with the submission, email me with “Test issues” in the subject line, recognizing though, that you may not get an immediate response. As a precaution, consider taking the exam using Google Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, because they tend to be less problematic. I have set the quiz with two attempts, but that is to correct for technical difficulties. If you do not experience technical issues, but retake the quiz and earn a higher grade, you will only get credit for the first attempt. I am not averaging the grades, or giving the highest of the two. 

Even though I’ve reviewed all the questions before posting, it is possible that I may have selected the wrong answer choice. Therefore, if you do not receive credit for a question and you believe you selected the correct answer, please let me know (email is fine for this) and I am happy to review the questions/answers and make adjustments where necessary.

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