Organization behavior

Here is the final with last year answer Final.docx  

I hope you doing well .. i need your help ,, i have my final exam and i had answers for the same questions from last semester ,, i need your help please to paraphrase it ans show it as my original work ,, although i will provide you with the copy of my book if you would like ,, please let me know sir i need it in simple words also ,, because as you know the English language is not my native language ,, So my professor will notice if there is any pilgrims 


here is my professor hint :

If you use any works to support your answer, be sure to cite the source.  Also le me know what your source of the answer is ( could be class discussion, textbook, presentation, etc). Be sure that your answers are at a graduate level – in other words, the analysis should be based on what we studied this semester and supported.  Your thoughts and opinions are also important, but explain why you think what you think based on what we studied.  There are no length minimums or restrictions.  I accept whatever it takes for you to provide a good answer

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