Organizational Change, business and finance homework help

1. Second-order (discontinuous)changes are __________. (Points : 1)





Question 2.2. In the organizational life-cycle model,
growth through delegationtypically occurs when __________. (Points : 1)





Question 3.3. First-order (adaptive) changes are __________. (Points : 1)





Question 4.4. Which of the following is an especially critical factor for diagnosing, planning, and implementing organizational change? (Points : 1)





Question 5.5. What is the term for a problem or opportunity that is critical for requiring a planned change? (Points : 1)





Question 6.6. Which of the following is NOT among the “four Ds” of the appreciative inquiry model? (Points : 1)





Question 7.7. In the organizational life-cycle model,
growth through creativity typically occurs __________. (Points : 1)





Question 8.8. According to the environment-industry-organization contingency model of organizational change, which of the following increases environmental complexity? (Points : 1)





Question 9.9. Under what category does “external stakeholders” fit when diagnosing types of change and level of intervention? (Points : 1)





Question 10.10. The task of preparing people for organizational change typically falls upon __________. (Points : 1)




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