Organizational Renewal Strategy, management homework help

Research once failed companies Tyco and Best Buy. In a 2-3 page document, describe in detail, their organizational renewal strategies to create a successful turnaround. Compare the new corporate strategy to the old. Did it work?  You must strictly follow the rubric below the instructor in extremely picky!

Rubric Criteria Points Description
1 30 Describe the organizational renewal strategies used to create the  turnaround of success.
2 25 Compare the new corporate strategy to the old one.
3 25  Discuss the success or the failure of the new strategy.
4 10 At least two (2) in-text citation and reference from course material.
5 10 Meets page requirement (required APA components e.g. cover page, direct quotes and reference page do not count toward page requirement) and includes APA formatting, correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar

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