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Global Society 2450-001

Paper Assignment 2 Guidelines

This paper must be typed,


3-4 pages in length


For this assignment, you will be studying


social problem that exists in the Third

World country you have selected for the first assignment.

I) Finding Information. 10 pts.

Do a library search (use electronic databases such as

Lexis Nexis Academic


Web of


, etc.) to find


articles about a


social problem in the country you

selected that relates to


of the following:

social inequality/poverty, gender inequality,

racial/ethnic inequality, crime, environmental destruction, population growth,

education, health, hunger, war

, or other (see me or email me to get approval for a topic

that is not listed). Remember, you must find three articles about

the same

problem and


three articles that talk about three different problems. You must use reputable

sources of information such as studies reported in

academic journals

or articles written

by experts, journalists and reported in

major newspapers

. You can also use information

reported by government agencies and




(personal blogs are not reputable

sources of information) and your articles must be


to the problem you are

describing for you to receive full credit. You

will not

receive credit from using online

encyclopedias (Wikipedia, etc.).

2) Describing the Problem.

20 pts.

Provide the following information about this problem:

a) What is it? b) Who is affected by it? c) How bad is it (extent, severity or magnitude)?

For this part, you should use information such as examples and

statistical information


You can include information from the first paper assignment if it is relevant.

3) Analyzing the Problem. 30 pts.

Based on the information presented in the readings explain the possible



contributing factors) of this problem. Briefly explain


the problem is getting better,

stays the same, or getting worse. Based on the information contained in the readings,

what are the implications for the future? You can include information and use

terminology from class lectures and/or the assigned readings and information obtained

through your own research. Always remember to support your arguments with relevant

evidence (facts). For example, if you argue that the problem is getting better, you must

document it using relevant statistics and/or testimonies from experts or the people

affected that show the change in the problem over time.

4) Applying Theoretical Concepts. 30 pts.

Employ the concepts of

global citizens


global social movements

to discuss the role

that international organizations and individuals (like yourself) can play to solve this

specific problem (or to make it less severe). To receive full credit you must find at least



that is already working on this problem in this country.

5) Communication, Organization, Bibliography, Grammar, 10 pts.

To receive credit you must acknowledge all sources of information you have used for this

paper (for example, quotes or statistics from the PowerPoint lectures, textbook,

newspapers) in the


of your paper as well as in the


section at the end

of your paper. Since it is a very short paper, I don’t expect you to use many (if any)

quotes (they should be

less than 20 percent

of your paper). Any form of



be penalized by a score of zero. You must use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation

in your paper to receive full credit. Make sure to use paragraphs to organize the content

into logical units.


will not

receive credit for using online encyclopedias (Wikipedia, etc.) and personal

blogs as your source(s) of information.

You will be graded based on the basis of your

describing the problem (

using pertinent


), understanding of the concepts, ability to properly apply concepts and

theories to real life examples, paper organization,

as well as effective


of ideas

, proper

grammar, spelling,



The paper has to be submitted via the


link on Canvas.

Assignments will be penalized by a 10 pts. deduction for each day they are late


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