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a. What is the name of the place the exhibit is located at? What is the city

and state where this exhibit is being viewed? What is the name of the

art exhibit you are viewing? Is this a solo show (one person), a

collaborative show (two person), or a group show (many artists)?

What is the title of the exhibit? What are the dates of the exhibit?

b. Provide three images: One each for three separate pieces from the

exhibit. Images should be included at the end of the paper, in the same

document, as an Index.

c. List the identifying information for these three pieces. Include the

artist’s name, the title of the work, the medium, date, and dimensions

for each piece.

d. Provide a formal analysis for each work. Describe the visual qualities

of the work. Remember to use the formal elements and techniques:

Line, color, shape, size, form (for sculpture), texture, contrast,

positive/negative space relationships, mark-making, line work, brush

strokes, materials, anything that could allow someone reading this

paper to see the work as you do. Provide enough detail so that one

could imagine the work without looking at an image of the work.

e. Draw us a word map! Not literally. However I want to follow you

through each piece. Let the reader know where you are starting and

where you will end. Include all the interesting sites and pit stops, as

well as, any adventures you have along the way.

f. What is the process used to create the work? What is the medium?

What are the dimensions? What materials are used? How do you

believe the work was made? What markers within the piece allow you

to see the artist’s hand in the work?


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