Parameters Of Ethical Decision Making, management homework help


Evaluate different approaches to ethical decision making. Then, choose one of them to apply to an ethical issue you have identified.

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

·  Competency 1: Evaluate the parameters for ethical decision making in 21st century multicultural business environments.

o  Evaluate the parameters of various ethical decision-making approaches.

·  Competency 3: Evaluate organizational policy within the framework of ethical standards.

o  Analyze an ethical dilemma using an ethical decision-making approach.

o  Assess the validity of a resolution suggested by a selected ethical decision-making approach.

·  Competency 4: Communicate effectively.

o  Communicate the analysis of ethical decision making clearly and effectively.


Rendtorff, J. D. (2009).Responsibility, ethics and legitimacy of corporations. Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen Business School Press. Retrieved from

o  Part 3 is particularly applicable to this assessment.


Complete the following:

·  Evaluate different approaches to ethical decision making.

·  Analyze the approach you feel works best in resolving ethical dilemmas.

·  Identify an ethical issue. You may use the same issue you used in the first assessment.

·  Once you have chosen the ethical approach you feel is best, apply it to your identified issue.

·  Assess the resolution that your ethical decision making approach suggests for this issue. How valid is the resolution that is suggested by the approach?

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