Part one please respond to the following in 150 words My name is Nancy Jones. I am a single woman an

Part one

please  respond to the following in 150 words


My name is Nancy Jones. I am a single woman and my children are grown. I currently live in south west Florida, which I moved here from Nebraska a few years ago. I am currently in my Fourth year of college, I wanted to broaden my career options, so I went back to school. My major is in psychology for a B.A. degree. I am trying to decide whether to go for my masters. My goal is to work with at risk youth or veterans with PTSD.


Consider the focus on hospitality, reputation, and kinship ties in Beowulf. What might this suggest about Anglo Saxon culture? Use examples from the text to support your discussion.

From the reading of The Norton Anthology of English Literature, is appears that Beowulf was a hero and a warrior that fought many battles. Beowult also had tie to the Germanic culture, but strongly in the Danish. Surviving in the Anglo – Saxon language, which in this literature a strong religious values and tied together. The English people always have a strong religious backing still today, but it was more pagan beliefs in the earlier centuries.


Part two


respond to this post in 150 words


Let me introduce myself. My name is Adam Lamp and I am currently deployed to Guantanamo Bay.  Even though I miss my Wife and 17 month old daughter, I am looking at the positives from this experience.  I am able to work on my spiritual, financial, educational, and physical goals while enjoying some great food and weather. I am on track to complete my AA in General Studies by August, after 6 years of slowly working at it. My favorite book is “The Secret to Success” by Dr. Eric Thomas. This book gives me empowerment when life is discouraging. I find it a coincidence that the introduction and Beowulf forums are together because I believe I share a lot of the same traits as, not only Beowulf, but the Anglo-Saxon culture. This is my first time studying Beowulf and it is apparent that he lives (and dies) by certain values, which are also portrayed as important to the Anglo-Saxon culture. The first and probably most evident is loyalty. Beowulf’s loyalty to Geatland and his king is greatly shown through his actions throughout his life. When he earned great fortune for slaying Grendel and Grendel’s mother, he still returned to Geatland. His allegiance to King Hygelac and Geatland is apparent. Beowulf also shows his level of honor, which is desirous to me. Knowing what Grendel is capable of, he still chooses to fight bare-handed to make sure the fight is even.  He states “but I with my grips shall fight with this fiend” (438,439). These actions from Beowulf show a tremendous amount of bravery as well. You see, without bravery, he would have never taken on the challenges of facing Grendel, Grendel’s mother, or the dragon. His reputation was built on great battles like these. It showed his bravery, honor, and loyalty. Keeping his reputation and values are ultimately what lead him to face the dragon (while way past his prime), leading him to his death. I believe he would have rather died with his reputation than lived without it. That shows that the Anglo-Saxon culture is built on these core values and without them, Beowulf would have never been the warrior that he was.

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