Peer reviewed evidence based journal article writing homework help

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you will summarize the sections of one APUS peer-reviewed, evidence-based journal article from the APUS Online Library that is related to group behavior. Peer-reviewed means an article published in a scholarly academic journal. Websites, professional organization trade publications, news articles and popular media cannot be used for this assignment. Evidence-based means the article reports on a single research study conducted by the article authors.  Expert opinion, essay style articles or articles which summarize multiple studies are not permitted. 

This assignment must be at least 3 pages long and APA formatted. A title page and reference page are required but do not count toward the paper length. APA format is required. There is no maximum length  for this assignment because length can vary depending on article length and complexity.  The summary must be focused, well articulated with an easy to follow organizational flow, of adequate detail to clearly demonstrate ability to unpack and summarize the key elements of the article.  Summary submissions that skim article contents will receive a significant point deduction per article element not adequately covered . Examples of inadequate article element coverage would be saying, “The participants in the study covered in this article were of many different ages” when the article reported percentages of specific participant age ranges; saying that results were statistically analyzed rather than naming particular statistical analyses used; or failing to include in your summary conclusions the article authors reached about their study and its findings.

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