personal finance questions, accounting homework help

Q 1 : ( 550 words )

” Tax is not a voluntary payment. it is charged by the government based on the income of the assess and the tax rate prescribed by the act “

What are purpose of taxation and explain the meaning of permanent establishment as per Oman tax law .

Q 2 : ( 550 words )

” A sound cash management scheme, maintains the balance between the twin objectives of liquidity, profitability and safety. “

Substantiate the above statement giving examples for the two main objectives of cash management.

Q 3 : (300 words )

List out the various types of borrowings and explain in detail the mortgage loan.

Q 4: (300 words )

” insurance protection is required not only for life, it is required for many other areas.”

List out the various types of insurances and explain the need of such insurances.

Q 5: (500 words )

Explain with examples , the advantage and disadvantages of buying an asset or leasing an asset.

*** Format of assignment :

1- introduction (200 words )

2- body ( assignment question ) ( 2200 words )

3- conclusion ( 200 words )

4- references

Total = 2500 words

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