Phoenix Week 4 Internet & Network Security Prototyping Discussion Questions

Question 1

Suppose you are explaining the concept of prototyping to your manager to persuade her to approve the prototype approach to a proposed system that you are working on. Her response to your explanation is that “prototyping is a waste of time and money”. As a systems analyst, how could you respond to her?

Question 2

2. A systems analyst junior in my organization just took a course in the Agile development. He liked the new approach and he really wanted to know how to decide which approach to follow for Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). He was debating whether it is better to use Waterfall or Agile for big projects. His thinking was that Agile should be used for big projects with non-sequential product development and for projects that are often prone to change in requirements and cost. Is he right?

Question 3

3. ABC Inc. wants to build a new web site to sell their “clearance” products and they are planning to publish a proposed website site designed to obtain feedback from “potential customers”. The question is whether ABC Inc. should use a prototype to obtain feedback from “potential customers” about the proposed website. There are four available prototypes: patched-up, nonoperational, first-of-a-series, and selected features. What type of prototype is appropriate for ABC Inc. in this case? Explain why each type would apply (or would not apply) to this problem.

Question 4

Key distribution schemes using an access control center and/or a key distribution center have central points vulnerable to attack. Discuss the security implications of such centralization.

Question 5

What methods/facilities are available to secure data in today’s systems? Have these methods proved to be adequate? If not, what changes would you recommend making these methods more secure?

Question 6

You are asked to design a security system for a company to ensure data protection according to the CIA triad. Discuss how you would go about beginning such an assignment and then explain what your final design should accomplish. Keep in mind cost as an issue.

Please, let each question have a reference

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