Photosynthesis & Cellular respiration Project

Photosynthesis & Cellular respiration Project Directions:    (Part 1)- Design a project that will show information about photosynthesis and cellular respiration and the connections between the two. The project is required and is worth 85 points. You may create a comic strip, poster, song, or poem. Songs and poems must be video recorded.(Part 2)- In a word document you must explain what these processes are (photosynthesis & cellular respiration). Why they are important. Where they happen in the cells. What each process produces. How respiration and photosynthesis are important to one another, and anything else important to these processes. This is the writing piece of the assignment and it is required and is worth 60 points. This must be in your own words! Copy and pasting from the internet is plagiarism and will result in a zero.

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