Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Section V Assignment Chapter 15,17,19


Chapter 15: Evidence Bases Practice in Physical Therapy

(8 pts)

Read Pages 165-171

1) Why is critical thinking and problem solving an important part of being a PTA? Provide an example.

2) Evidence Based Practice:

a. What is it?

b. How is this information formulated?

c. Why is it important in fields such as Physical Therapy?

d. Is EBP only used in physical therapy?

3) What are the three types of evidence?

a. Define them

4) Why is it important to know how to properly review a research article?

· REVIEW Table 15.1 & 15.2

(5pts each)

5) Setting goals (in and out of PT).

a. What is a goal you have for yourself (unrelated to physical therapy)? How do you intend on achieving it?

b. What factors do physical therapists consider when determining “Goal-setting” in the plan of care?

6) Why is the outcomes assessment so important?

a. What are the two measurement properties used to verify outcomes? How do they assist with the verification of a qualified outcome?

b. Review patient client management model *

c. What is the end result of EBP?

· REVIEW Table 15.3






Chapter 17: Diversity and Cultural Competency in Physical Therapy

(1 pt each)

Read Pages 185-193

1) Provide an example of your culture.

2) Provide an example of a cultural group you are familiar with.

3) What is a cross cultural experience? Have you ever experienced this? How did you adapt?

4) What does cultural competency mean to you?

· LEARN Table 17.5 & 17.7

· REVIEW EXERCISE 17.6 & Pg. 191-192; Class Discussion


Chapter 19: Student Involvement in the APTA

Image result for APTA logo

Go to >

(5 pts each)

Write each in short answer format.

· 1) Do your research on the Association & tell me why or why not you think being a member is beneficial as a Student and as future a PTA. Provide at least three supporting examples for your explanation.

· 2) Navigate the website:

· Find three resources that you think will be helpful to you as a student PTA

· OR If you were not able to find anything helpful? Provide explanation.

· 3) Research the Marquette Challenge with the Foundation of Physical Therapy.

· Find out WHAT this is & give me ONE idea for your prospective class of 2021.

& Let’s talk about it!

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