Physiology Test

Imagine you have been asked to teach a small group of your peers about animal organs.Create 10 multiple-choice questions to test knowledge of the structure and function of animal organs.Address the functions of each of the following concepts in your test:Differences between asymmetrical, radial symmetry and bilateral symmetry.Differences between endotherms and exotherms.Definition and examples of epithelial tissue. (provide 1 example)Definition and examples of connective tissue. (provide 1 example)Definition and examples of muscle tissue. (provide 1 example)Definition and examples of nervous tissue. (provide 1 example)Use the Physiology Test Template to complete this assignment.Read the Writing Good Multiple Choice questions article on the Berkeley Lab Training website for tips on writing multiple-choice questions: your sources according to APA guidelines.  A minimum of 2 references is required and direct quotes are limited to 2 small quotes.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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