PICOT Statement for Submission

Kindly formulate a PICOT Statement that you are comfortable with for Submission. You can select one from the topics attached. Please submit as soon as possible.


1. Diabetes and cognitive function among elderly

2. Pre-diabetes and cardiovascular risk

3. Effect of psychological stress and disability on quality of life in asthmatics

4. Correlate of mental health service use among population with depression

5. Effect of family characteristics on children’s health status and

mental health

6. Sleep disturbance and depression – effect of acculturation and neighborhood


7. Pediatric obesity and asthma control interventions

8. Programs to reduce the risk of falls in adult inpatient stroke


9. Effective management of Bed sores

10. Evaluation of the reminder system for breast cancer screening among high

risk population

11. Effective management of depression in asthmatics [Asthma and


12. Gender and racial difference in asthma treatment and control among adults with


13. Racial/ethnic difference in the prevalence and risk factors of hearing impairment among

diabetics in USA: data from NHANES

14. The racial variation of the relationship between major depression and mortality among

diabetics in USA: data from NHANES

15. What is the relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and chronic kidney


16. What is the relationship between obesity and inflammatory markers?

17. Low dose aspirin and risk of CVD and mortality

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