please complete before 11:00pm on friday

1) Define ‘perception‘ in your own words, including an explanation of the three basic steps involved in perception (selection,organization, interpretation). See pages 5 and 6 of the online lecture.

2) Define ‘self-concept‘ in your own words and explain how our ‘self-perception‘ is an important factor in our communication with others. See pages 7 and 8 of the online lecture.

3) Identify the four primary Barriers to Accurate Perception of Self and Others and provide a brief explanation for each barrier to describe how each could affect our communication. See page 12 of the online lecture.

4) When you react to others in a negative or volatile way showing anger, you aren’t using good communication skills or taking the time to make sure you are correctly interpreting what another person is attempting to communicate; your perception (or interpretation) of the message could be wrong. Describe some ways you could improve the reliability of your perception in similar situations. See “Improving Your Perception of Self and Others” on page 14 of the online lecture.

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