postpurchase evaluation is cognitive dissonance, marketing homework help

Answer 3 question bellow (maximum 200 words)

A key issue in postpurchase evaluation is cognitive dissonance –the anxiety or “buyer’s remorse” that can linger after high-involvement purchasing decisions. Research has shown that some consumers are more likely to read ads for a product they already have purchased than ads for competing brands.

Purchasing high-priced products, products that are going to stick with us for years (or forever), or products from categories that include comparable brands can yield high levels of cognitive resonance. The luxury watchmaker Breitling has hired you to design an ad specifically intended to ease potential cognitive dissonance.


  1. What steps could this company make to reach out the consumers after the purchase?
  2. What advertising messages and imagery could be most effective in reinforcing the consumer’s decision to purchase the luxury watch?
  3. What is the role of consumer research in determining the effectiveness of your recommendations?

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