The presentations should consist of 12 to 20 PowerPoint slides.THE INVERTEBRATE – Ophiothrix fragilisI. Title Slide – a title of the presentation.II. Introduction – introduce your favorite invertebrate, what environment and where around the world it is found (e.g., is it only local, or does it occur in other locations around the globe) and any relevant background information so the class can understand the organism being discussed.III. Morphology & Physiology – research and present information on the morphology and physiology of your particular invertebrate. You must present and explain this information in a manner that is easily comprehendible by the class. Please use the information that we discuss in class and lab to guide you. Include any unusual characteristics that you find interesting on your particular invertebrate.IV. Evolution & Phylogenetic Position – discuss the evolution of your organism and the group to which it belongs. Present data and images that show how this organism and its relatives relate to other invertebrates.V. Conclusions – review and give a closing summary of your organism and what you learned.VI. Bibiolography/Sources – list any and all sources you used to prepare your presentation.

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