powerpoint presentation in an online class is difficult without specific software, homework help

Although presenting a PowerPoint presentation in an online class is difficult without specific software, we still need to understand basic concepts of creating a PowerPoint presentation.

Recently, we studied Visual Aids, and looked at some advice regarding creating a PowerPoint presentation. Please refer to that, your book and any outside research you feel would be helpful. Please do not feel limited to PowerPoint. If you prefer to use some other presentation software like “Prezi”, feel free to do so.

You may wish to review the following PowerPoints prior to creating your own.



pnutt_Styles presentation.pptx

This slide show should illustrate a knowledge of:

  1. Slide layout
  2. Color and Design
  3. Use of fonts
  4. Adding graphics to a slide
  5. Animation
  6. Transitions
  7. Adding voice and other sound is optional

You may create an automatic slide show that runs by itself, or a “click through” show.

If you are creating a PowerPoint for your Advertisement, you may do well to study how to create the automatic slide show.

Please create your show and then attach the file to the assignment.

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