Presentation about my chosen topic CLONING for Biology class. Use my Outline in my attachments to complete the project

Cloning (applies to all life forms) Cloning is the process of creating a genetic duplicate in some capacity(e.g., cells, tissue, or a whole organism)Some uses of cloning include reproductive cloning to create a genetically identical organism and therapeutic cloning to create tissues such as blood cells for use in the treatment of diseaseSTEP BY STEP NSTRUCTIONS TO FOLLOW1.READ THE TOPIC SELECTION WORKSHEET2. USE MY OUTLINE SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS POWERPOINT.3. READ WHAT MUST BE ADDRESSED IN THE POWERPOINT ATTACHMENT4. READ ALL THE RUBRIC.Requirements of Submission: Your final presentation should be 12–15 slides in length, using correct APA format for references and in-text citations. Includeimages as needed to make your points, ensuring that the images are also cited and referenced correctly.USE MY REFERENCES and CITATIONS IN MY OUTLINE ATTACTCHMENT.Please avoid the use of sites like Wikipedia and, as they are not considered academically reliable.

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