Privacy Challenges computer science homework help

Privacy Challenges Please respond to the following:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) threatened to shut off BlackBerry messaging, email and Web browsing services if the device’ s maker, Research in Motion (RIM), did not provide certain information necessary or national security.

RIM was caught between not disclosing confidential information and not endangering UAE’s national security.

Give your opinion on whether RIM should have given in to UAE’s demands or whether it should have protected the confidential information. Support your position.

Imagine you are a mid-level manager working for a well-known international organization and have invested $10,000 in the organization stock, along with contributions to the 401k benefit.

Suppose you have indisputable evidence that the CEO was manipulating the company’s stock price. Determine if you would inform the stakeholders or refrain from saying anything for fear of causing the stock to plunge. Support your position.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Privacy Please respond to the following:

From this week’s video, ( examine the belief that green programs create economic value while being socially responsible and sustaining the environment.

Determine whether you agree or disagree with this statement. Support your position with one example.

Some supermarkets use loyalty programs which enable them to collect data about the shopping patterns of their customers.

Suppose that an insurance company wanted to buy this data from the supermarket in order to analyze the behavior of its policyholders.

Determine whether or not the insurance company should be allowed to buy the data. Support your position.

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