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Write a respond for each of the following:

1- When examining the real private nonresidential fixed investment of the United States in the last two years, the percentage change between quarters has varied from 2.3% to -.8%. With this in mind, nonresidential investment has remained considerably stable and has been steadily increasing slowly. Equipment makes up the largest portion of nonresidential fixed investment, accounting for around half of it. Out of the three main components of nonresidential fixed investment, intellectual property products is the most volatile, with its percentage change being quite larger than equipment and structures. In recent quarters, nonresidential fixed investment has been overall more stable compared to quarters in 2014 and early 2015, but the difference is not dramatic. For the upcoming year, I expect for the nonresidential fixed investment to go up slightly with around a maximum of 1.5% change from quarter to quarter. Structures might drop slightly as that has been the trend in the recent quarters. I expect intellectual property to increase and equipment to remain around the same for next year.

2-in the first quarter in 2016 for the real private nonresidential private fixed investment is 2,292,4 billions. however, in 2016 in the second quarter it is 2,304,7 billions. furthermore, the percentage of the change is 0.53 which is so hight growth in the three months. to compare between the nonresidential private fixed investment in 2014 and 2016, so in the first quarter of 2014, the real private fixed investment was about 2,194.5 billions, and the percentage growth is 4.78, so we can infer from that the growth per quarter which is three months has been growing stably since 2014 until 2016. Real private nonresidential investment has been volatile .

equipment has been the largest component. In 2016 in the second quarter, it was1058.7 billion  which is equal to 45.9% of total investments. in 2014 in the first quarter , it was 1011.6 billion which is equal to 46.1% of total investments. The change in investment in structure’s sector was -30.8 billion dollars between 2014 and 2016 about -6.32%. Also, in the change in investment in equipment sector +47.1 billion dollars (2014 – 2016) the percentage was +4.45. The last thing is the change in investment in IPP sector which was +94.0 billion dollars 92014 – 2016) and the percentage was about +12.4. to compare between 2015 and 2016 in the two first quarter, in 2016  was shown that increase more then in 2015. 2016 equal to -0.27%, but in 2015 equaled to -1.34% for the the change in investment in structure’s sector. the change in investment in equipment sector also in 2016 increased from -0.087% IN 2015 to -0.72% in 2016. The that one is the change in investment in IPP sector between 2015 and 2016. in 2015 it was +2.11% which was pretty good, but in 2016 it increased a little bit to + 2.45%.

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3- Most real private nonresidential fixed investments have not been very volatile during the past ten quarters. Overall, nonresidential investments grew over by over 103 billion dollars in the first years, but has since leveled off and has fluctuated from about 2290-2330 ever since. The largest component of private investments has been equipment and software. Equipment has fluctuated somewhat, but has remained between roughly 1010-1100 billion dollars overall. Software has slowly, yet consistently, grown from 302.4 to 339.4 billion dollars during this time period. Structures have been most volatile during this period because it grew in spurts from 518.1 to 540.4 during the first year, but then slowly began to drop in uneven increments, dropping below the initial figure of 518.1 and eventually leveling off at roughly 486-487 during the last few quarters. 

Recent quarters appear to be more stagnant overall, particularly in areas like nonresidential structures. Equipment dropped roughly 26 billion dollars from the fourth quarter of 2015 to the first quarter of 2016, and then another 8 billion from the first to second quarter in 2016 so investments in equipment appear to be on the decline. Intellectual property rights and residential investments appear to be growing consistently, although residential investments have seen a drop off from the first quarter to the second in 2016. Taking all of the investment information into account I would suspect that intellectual property rights continues to grow at a somewhat consistent rate. I believe that nonresidential structures will continue to fall in the short-run because of the substantial losses in mining exploration, shafts, and wells, unless another component of nonresidential structures can pick up the slack for the losses. In period of ten quarters mining exploration, shafts, and wells has fallen by almost 100 billion dollars and only has about 50 billion dollars in remaining investments. 

4- Real private nonresidential fixed investment has been volatile from 2014 and today. Structures, equipment, and intellectual property products are comprised of real private fixed investment where equipment play a crucial role among three components. According to the table, equipment was the most fluctuated factors comparing to structures going up and down slightly, and intellectual property products keeping going up. Quarterly changes that occur in 2016 dropped from previous years. Equipment increases as years pass because more sales occur as their inventory increases. The more usage, the more production.

I want you to write me a short respond for each one and number them?

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