Private protected and public parts of classes computer science homework help


8. What is the meaning of private, protected, and public parts of classes? 

12. If classA includes a private variable n, a protected variable m, and a public variable k, and classB is
derived from classA, which of these variables can be used in classB? Can n become private in classB?protected?
public? How about variables m and k? Does it make a difference whether the derivation of classB was private, protected, or public? 

9. A linked list does not have to be implemented with pointers. Suggest other implementations of linked lists.


15. How can a singly linked list be implemented so that insertion requires
no test for whether head is null?

24. What is the maximum number of comparisons for optimal
 search for the 14 letters shown in Figure 3.19?

1. Reverse the order of elements on stack S

a. using two additional stacks

 b. using one additional queue

c. using one additional stack and some additional nonarray variables

4. Suggest an implementation of a stack to hold elements of two different types, such as structures and float numbers.

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