Product Case

Virtual reality was once billed as the next big disruptive technology when it was introduced to consumers through video games in the 1990s, and it became widely used for a wide variety of training applications in industry and government. So one would think that over 20 years after the introduction of virtual reality to consumers, it would be considered a mature technology. However, Microsoft is developing their Hololens product which aims to be the next generation of virtual reality. The Hololens is creating a lot of buzz about being a “game changer” with a potential to change our lives.

Microsoft Hololens is an “augmented reality” system where you can view 3D computer generated holograms side by side with the real world. Want to see what your house would look like with a different color paint? Want your kids to play video games by running around your backyard with holograms rather than sitting in front of a TV? Would you prefer your science teacher draw diagrams on the chalkboard, or use holograms to illustrate the concepts? These are just a few examples of what Hololens may do if it lives up to the hype.

Review the background materials on product management with a close attention to the Pearson tutorial on products and services, Richardson and Gosnay (2011) and Paley (2007). Then do some research on Microsoft Hololens using the Trident library and internet search engines. News about Hololens changes by the day, so make sure to focus on the most recent articles and information that you can find. Focus on articles published in reputable magazines, newspapers, journals, or similar sources.

A good first step in getting started with this class is to review this tutorial that will introduce you to the main concepts covered in Modules 1-4 including the “4 Ps”:

Introduction to marketing. (2014). Pearson Learning Solutions. New York, NY.

Now get started on the main topic of this module, the first of the “4 Ps” – Product. The following tutorial will introduce you to some of the main concepts of this module:

Products and services. (2014). Pearson Learning Solutions. New York, NY.

Finally, delve deeper into this topic with the following two book chapters:

Paley, N. (2007). Chapter 7: How to manage your product strategy. Marketing Strategy Desktop Guide (2nd Edition). London, GBR: Thorogood, London, GBR

Richardson, N. & Gosnay, R. (2011). Chapter 5: Product management. Develop Your Marketing Skills: Creating Success Series. Kogan Page Ltd., London, GBR.

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