Product Differentiation Through Signs, Symbols, and Artifacts, assignment help

Signs, symbols, and artifacts describe characteristics of products or services that may have public or emotional meaning. The “Golden Arches” sign found outside of all McDonald’s fast food restaurants, for example, has grown to symbolize a certain and widely accepted standard of fast food. McDonald’s products typically have very little variation from store to store across the United States. The Golden Arches have become of symbol of McDonald’s quality.

In order to create or maintain symbols that are aligned with public perceptions, special considerations may need to be taken into account when designing service layouts. Trade-offs regarding floor layout and optimal use of space may need to be made in order to accommodate the artifacts.

For this discussion activity consider the following:

  • Describe three examples of service-oriented signs, symbols, and artifacts.
  • Discuss adjustments, accommodations, or trade-offs that may need to be made for each.
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