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Network diagramming is a logical, sequential process that requires you to consider the order in which activities should occur to schedule projects as efficiently as possible. All projects have predecessors (activities that must/should occur before the next step within a project plan can take place). Using the Appendix B Table 1 Site Preparation data, review the steps in Appendix B section “1. Construct This Network Diagram Using MS Project 2013” (Pinto, 2015, pp. 510-512).

Your assignment is to:

  1. Construct a network diagram for this project using project management software (MS Project, Project Libre, Open Project, etc.) or other appropriate application software and the data referenced above. Your diagram should include parallel logical sequential paths to completion and all nodes should be labeled.
  2. Create an AON(Activity on Node) network diagram illustrating the project activities with parallel paths to complete the project and a defined critical path.
  3. Insert your network diagrams as appendices in paper, in the main body of which you:

Submit a two- to three-page paper plus your diagrams. The written portion of the paper must include an introduction and conclusion. The paper must explain your rationale for creating each path in the AON network activity diagram. Your rationale should demonstrate project management best practices (a forward path). Include at least two references (one of which need to include your textbook) to support your rationale.


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