Project Monitoring and Control, management homework help

At this point, you have launched your capstone project (multiple server and workstation integration in a single network project). You are now expected to implement the project and incorporate control mechanisms or best practices that you selected in the Discussion Board. If you have not selected reports such as Gantt charts or your project schedule with tracking information, please include them in this week’s deliverables.

The deliverables for Week 3 are as follows:

  • Project Monitoring Reports
    • Provide samples of at least 3 monitoring status reports.
    • Describe what information each report provides in terms of supporting project monitoring.
    • How often should these reports be generated, and who should receive them to make sure corrective actions are timely when needed?
  • Project Control Processes
    • Depict the control process in a diagram.
    • Provide a narration that thoroughly describes the control process.
    • Discuss how project monitoring reports help with the control process.
    • Outline some strategies for if your project gets behind schedule or over budget.

Deliverable Length:  3–5 pages of new content

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