Project Phase I

You will include your overall strategy in the ACF negotiation towards your position and what flows you will find acceptable and unacceptable.  Please see the examples in Module 12 Supplemental section to guide you and give you inspiration.  You do not have to be verbose or poetic in words, but this document will serve as your own guide to further negotiations.  Please provide references where possible since other negotiators will ask you about your numbers anyway.In addition, please provide two control panels (use the Contract spreadsheet, not the huge calculation one) to show two different flow sets.  The first set of flows and reservoir operations should give you the BEST situation for your group.  The second control panel should give the LEAST ACCEPTABLE situation for your group.  That is, this deal is what you would still accept, but only barely…  It is like buying a used car.. you would LOVE to pay Zero or 5 bucks (the Best situation…),  but… if push came to shove you would pay up to $3500 bucks  (Least Acceptable level).My intent is that you know what flow and reservoir conditions will give you (and your constituency) the best results and minimally good results.  Thus, it should help you to identify good deals and alterations that benefit your group.  Because when you will be negotiating with 9 other people (with some people on your side and others diametrically opposed to you), you need to know what is a good deal for you and what is not.  Else, you will be taken for a ride and your negotiating grade (Phase II) will suffer significantly.Please attached a Word or PDF file, along with the control panels of your BEST and LEAST ACCEPTABLE DEALS.  Also please give me some sentences on why each of the two deals are good for your negotiating position….  Remember to alter BOTH the reservoir management settings (the level and release) as well as the consumptive demands.

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