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Project Scope and feasability

Project I (Web-based): University Bazaar System (UBS) Design and implement a web-based system to manage a goods and services exchange Bazaar among university students. There are more than 5000 universities and colleges, private or public, educating millions of students in the United States alone. This number is substantially increased when other countries are considered across the globe. This provides a niche market for a great social networking website with vast potentials. An entrepreneurial-minded team can develop such a website, test-drive it at UTA, and if successful, try to sell it to other universities. This website will be made available free to all faculty and students and the income can be generated by selling advertising space to external companies/organization similar to Google or Facebook income models. Your team’s task is to generate one such web-based university Bazaar appropriate for UTA. You could name your project anything you wish or simply use the “University Bazaar” as suggested here. Minimum required functionality: 

1. Students/faculty, going forward will be referred to as a ‘member”, must register before they can use the system. System must validate that the member is a valid student or faculty (e.g. must have a valid Id) 

2. System should be accessible for current and active students/faculty only (optionally, you may consider offering a subset of the relevant functionality to alumni) 

3. Appropriate super-user (i.e. system administrator) account must be created to allow controlling/updating the website (e.g. creating groups, deleting/adding users, updating entry screens, etc.) 

4. System should have an appealing entry screen 

5. System should allow members to form specific organizations or clubs online (e.g. chess club, math club, European students club, etc.) 

6. System should allow for buy/sell/lend/exchange of merchandise (e.g. books, house hold items such as TVs, furniture, etc.) 7. System should allow for sending messages to all or a subgroup of members (e.g. Free Pizza at 12 in Nedderman Hall 100, free movie showing in the student center, a great restaurant just opened next door, etc.) 

8. Exchange information about any topic, of course appropriate and within legal boundaries of a university setting such as: job postings, company hiring, class information, tutoring service, attending graduate programs, conference information, job fairs, sharing rides, etc. (anything goes) 

9. System should provide advertising space (e.g. Local subway store offers specials or coupons to members). This will be the source of revenue from the website.

These are the questions i am attaching the document we need to fill answers in the document .. and professor said he will check plagiarism so it should be precise.. thank you  

please check this document too i need project 1 in this document. its mentioned clearly..

thanks please make sure i get it on time

and professor said he will check for plaigarism 

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