Protect Your Data If Your Device Is Lost or Stolen If you misplace your device or it is stolen,…

Protect Your Data If Your Device Is Lost or Stolen If you misplace your device or it is stolen, you can use another device to help find yours. Certain apps will help you locate your device, cause your phone to ring, display an alert message, take a photo using the front or back camera, or remotely lock the device so that your data will be safe. Some apps require purchasing the full version to access advanced features, such as remotely locking or wiping your device. The following steps guide you through the process of protecting your data if your device is lost or stolen

a. Determine whether your device has a built-in feature or app you can use to locate it in the event it is lost or stolen. If not, locate, install, and run an app that can perform this service. The app you locate and install should meet the following criteria: 1. The app should be reputable and have good reviews. 2. Reviews should contain no indication that the app is malicious. 3. The app should be able to locate, lock, and erase data from your device in the event it is lost or stolen. 4. You should be able to access or control your phone from a variety of devices (such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops) and operating systems (such as iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows). 5. The app should be secure so that others cannot inadvertently or maliciously control your device

c. Make sure the data on your device is backed up regularly. You can back up your data either to a computer or to the cloud. Some devices have a feature (or apps available) to automatically back up your data in the event it is erased from your device.

d. Test the features of the app to make sure it works as intended.

e. In the event the device is lost or stolen, perform the following steps as soon as possible for the best chance at retrieving the device and its data: 1. Issue a command to the device to lock it. 2. If you are attempting to locate a phone, call it to see if someone answers. If so, try to retrieve the phone. 3. If possible, send a text message to the device with your contact information to see if someone contacts you.


1. Have you ever lost or misplaced a device? If so, did you locate it? How?

2. Evaluate at least three apps that can locate and remove data from a lost or stolen device. Which ones did you evaluate? Which is your favorite? Why?

3. Some devices offer a feature that allows you to encrypt the data. Would you encrypt the data on your device? Why or why not? What are the benefits of doing so? What drawbacks exist, if any?


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