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Teacher grading this paper is very lenient. The paper doesn’t have to be AMAZING but it should be well written.

I will attach a sample paper below as well.

For this assignment, you will write about influences on your personality while integrating the concepts you learned over the course of the semester in a short paper meeting the following requirements:

Length and Formatting:

  • 4-6 pages (standard margins)
  • Typed (size 11 or 12 font) and double spaced

Focus and Content:

  • The focus of this paper will be a reflection on who you are as a person (what is important to you, how you would describe your personality, the significant influences in your life, etc) with an integration of elements of the various personality theories discussed in class. What I am looking for here is evidence that you understand the elements of the various theories and can conceptualize how they might relate to your personal experiences; In other words, that you can use concepts or theories from the class to explain your personality.
  • You must reference at least eight different specific theories or theoretical concepts to earn full credit. Note: Failing to integrate theories and concepts discussed in class will severely impact your grade! I have included a chart at the end of this document with the format that I am hoping you will follow of providing:
  1. Factor or element that has influenced your personality
  2. Personal explanation of how it has influenced your personality
  3. Theory and/or concept that supports your personal experiences (briefly explain the theory and/or concept)
  4. Concluding analysis and connections for that factor or element

I am expecting these four elements for each of the eight personality factors you describe; this will constitute the bulk of your paper.

  • Please number each of the eight elements you discuss! While you will write this as a paper that should have an opening and closing paragraph, I would like you to number each factor that you discuss for ease of reference (ideally each factor has its own paragraph).
  • One of your theories and/or concept references must be related to culture. In other words, consider a cultural component for at least one of your factors/elements influencing your personality. Make sure to describe the elements of your culture (could include class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, age, education, family or relationships, geographical location, etc.) and the theoretical concepts that support your experiences.


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