QMB 2100 Intro to Statistics Microsoft Excel Project help

QMB 2100 Intro to Statistics Microsoft Excel Project

Professor: Rene Choy

Miami Dade College North Campus School of Business

The following project is recommended to be completed using Microsoft Excel with Megastat and Word and you should work on it during the time you spend on the Statistics Lab class QMB 2100L.Remember the lab is managed by the Business Resource Center staff in Room 2201-Section 1.The project is separated into Modules or Steps which you should be able to complete as the semester goes by.None of the modules can be done by hand, the point here is to learn how to use Excel/Megastat on your own, for now and the future.This project is EXTRA CREDIT, but required, and is to be tuned in to Professor Choy by the deadline date for Lab hours.All work MUST be typed and presented in the same order as below.

Let’s try to learn using statistical analysis and your curiosity.

Module 1: Data Collection: Find something you want to study.

a.Create a survey to collect the information.

b.Find a target population and collect it.Alternatively there may already be information online or otherwise and you just collect the information from those sources if you think it is already available.

c.You should collect more than 30 sample data of whatever information you are collecting and more than 3 different sets of data.Example 3 sets of data: age, sex and job description, the give it to 30 people or more for collection of the survey.

d.Explain something interesting you learned about this module.

Module 2: Data Presentation: Present the information.

a.Create a table in Excel with the data collected

b.Create at least 1 frequency distribution table

c.Create a histogram or any other graph you think will present the information best.

d.Explain something interesting about the data, some relationship, etc.

Module 3: Data Analysis: Using the formulas in Excel and the data collected, calculate the following for all data sets:




d.Highest number

e.Lowest number

f.Variance and standard deviation.

g.Skewness Coefficient

h.Describe something interesting about the data.

Module 4: Relationship Analysis: Using the tools in Excel.Select 2 sets of data twice.Example: say you collected: (1) sex, (2) age, (3) income, (4) height; then select say (1)(2) as well as (2)(3) then think of them as relationships (A) and (B).For this to work best it is recommended you select numerical information only, a.k.a Interval or Ratio level data.

a.Create 2 scatter plot diagrams with the two relationships (A) and (B), one scatter plot diagram for each.

b.Calculate the correlation coefficient.Explain the relationship.

c.Calculate the slope of the regression line and the Y intercept.

d.Write down the regression line

e.Explain what you learned about the relationship between the 2 values selected.

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