Quantitative business anaylsis

Use the link provided to submit a complete copy of your calculations, spreadsheets, graphs, charts, etc. for this week’s homework assignment. Your submitted work shall be expected to clearly and fully illustrate the calculations or other work you performed in order to arrive at your chosen answer for each question. Your calculations, spreadsheets, graphs, charts, etc. shall be expected to be neatly organized and labeled, and shall be clearly annotated to identify the specific question to which each portion of your work applies. Additionally, your work shall be clearly annotated to identify the specific portion of your work that constitutes your final answer for each question.

No credit shall be granted for any question for which your original work is not clearly identified or for which you fail to submit your original calculations, spreadsheets, graphs, charts, etc., regardless of the score you might have earned for said question. This hyperlink may be accessed an unlimited number of times for uploading your documentation; however the hyperlink will be automatically disabled as of the applicable assignment deadline.

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