Question on Organizational Development

Activity #1

Select three articles or sections in the chapters from the readings this week which focuses on the theme for this week. 

Provide a brief summary highlighting the key points which you found useful concerning organizational development. 

Activity #2

Implementation, goal setting and work team development are crucial to organizational development and transformation. 

Answer the following questions:

1. How do successful organization improvement programs through planned change look beyond interventions and evaluations, sustaining continuous improvement through tailored approaches to goal setting, and supporting effective work and self-managed on-site and virtual teams? Provide an example. 

Activity #3

Answer the following questions:

1. Discuss how you would carry out a change plan through planning, capability building programs, mobilizing the help of key individuals, emphasizing consistent behavior, increasing communication, seeking consultants when needed, and celebrating milestones. 

2. How would you integrate low-key and high profile change strategies and implementations to improve customer service, products, the establishment of a customer relationship management system? How would you implementing change from the bottom up. Provide an example and use the readings to support your position.

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