Question: The difference between lithography and offset lithography is the use of a blanket… 1 answer below »

Question: The difference between lithography and offset lithography is the use of a blanket cylinder to protect the plate from the abrasive paper. a) True b) False Question: What is a key plate a) The most important plate printed b) The first plate printed that shows colors such as cyan, magenta, and yellow c) A plate that adds attributes that complement the other three plates and enhances their attributes such as clarity, shadows, and hue saturation. Question: This is just a question for us to think about. I understand that costs for a mass-market paperback are low, and the readership is high, thus allowing it to be priced competitively at around $4-5 per copy. A textbook is the opposite – readership is relatively low and production costs are high, so the price is VERY high. But given the production issues that we’re talking about in this chapter, why are e-books such as those available for the Nook ™ and Kindle ™ priced at between $9.99 and $14.99 per “book?” Question: Why are documents designed in pagination multiples of 4, 8 or 16? a) To account for the signature grouping of the pages when printing. b) To make the printer’s job more efficient and easy. c) Both 1 and 2. Question: What is the difference between linking and embedding a graphics file in a document? What are some advantages and disadvantages to linking?


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