Please answer them inyour own wordsand submit through Turnitin on Canvas  (Questions 5 and 6 are short answers)1)  Please explain how viral transformation of normal cells into cancer cells can occur and give at least 2 examples of such viruses and the cancers they cause.2) Prions are infectious proteins……. Really ?? The scientific world thought Stanley Pruisner was nuts for suggesting this but he prevailed. How did he show this, what is the explanation for this phenomenon? What are 3 diseases that may occur from this (not necessarily all in humans)??3) How must viruses be cultivated, name 3 ways that it could be done. Why would you want to cultivate viruses? (Are you crazy?).4) Please name the number one killer microbe in the world (Think parasites, not dictators) which is known to kill at least 1 million people a year ! The real question here is please describe the replication cycle and stages of this parasite being sure to include a mention of definitive host and intermediate host as well as the vector name.5) How can you control such a parasite? What would you suggest? (Nuclear bombs are not an option).6)  On another note…… other parasites such as Guinea worms can be controlled by simply having clean drinking water available. (Jimmy Carter foundation has been trying to eradicate this).By what other means do most worms become problematic orgain entryto cause infestation in people? Name some of these worms (have you ever had any?….. I did at age 7).

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