Quiz 5

Question1.Older adults may have limited access to reasonably priced food because they:a.b.c.d.2.The last step in the nutrition care process is:a.b.c.d.3.Normal serum albumin level is:a.b.c.d.4.The addition of salt or sugar to food controls the growth of bacteria because it does not allow bacteria access to the:a.b.c.d.5.According to the Nutrition Labeling Education Act, labeling is voluntary for:a.b.c.d.6.Cultural disruptions that often affect people who emigrate from other countries to the United States include:a.b.c.d.7.Farming methods that minimize the use of chemical pesticides and adverse environmental effects are called:a.b.c.d.8.A type of fish that is relatively low in mercury is:a.b.c.d.9.One of the greatest dangers to individuals practicing unfounded nutritional habits is that:a.b.c.d.10.Outbreaks of infection with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria have been linked with consumption of:a.b.c.d.11.The health professional responsible for preparation of total parenteral nutrition solutions is the:a.b.c.d.12.The eligibility requirement that must be met to participate in a congregate meals program or a home-delivered meals program is:a.b.c.d.13.Most people’s food habits are determined by their:a.b.c.d.14.Recall of a contaminated food would be ordered by the:a.b.c.d.15.Determining the safety of food additives is the responsibility of the:a.b.c.d.16.A diet that would be considered to be a routine “house” diet in most hospitals is a:a.b.c.d.17.An example of a clinical observation associated with good nutritional status is:a.b.c.d.18.Legislation governing food additives developed after 1958 states that:a.b.c.d.19.The abbreviation GRAS stands for:a.b.c.d.20.Current food labels include:a.b.c.d.21.The type of cheese that usually provides the best buy is:a.b.c.d.22.The application of commercial marketing strategies to programs that address social and health issues is called:a.b.c.d.23.Hospitalized patients should be weighed:a.b.c.d.24.The browning reaction that takes place between sugars and amino acids at high temperatures is called:a.b.c.d.25.In long-term care facilities, all patients must have a full nutrition assessment within:a.b.c.d.

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