quiz review 2

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How does Brock see the good consequences of euthanasia outweighing the bad?


Explain the Smith and Jones story. What does Rachels thinks it shows (about the distinction between Active/Passive euthanasia)?


How does Steinbock think the distinction Extraordinary Treatment/Ordinary Treatment better than Active/Passive euthanasia? (esp. the Down syndrome example in Rachels and Steinbock’s gives a response).


Explain his “Lifeboat Ethics”. How does it argue against giving aid?

Murdoch and Oaten

Why do they reject “Lifeboat Ethics”? What aid do they think we should give?


What two assumptions does Singer make?

What is his stronger and weaker standard for how much aid we should give?


How does Timmerman think his example of Unlucky Lisa undermines Singer’s argument?


Why does Epicurus think death should not be feared (or sought)?


Explain the Myth of Sisyphus.


What does Frankl mean by being “worthy of my sufferings”?

Gautama (The Buddha)

What are the Four Nobel Truths?

What is the Middle Way?

What is the Noble Eightfold Path?


What gives life meaning for Russell?

What reading expressed your views least? (You most disagreed with?)

What reading expressed your views best? (You most agreed with?) (especially if you like Monty Python)

book: https://lindenwood0-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/person…


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