Read an article about why people experience different rates of inflation Then calculate your own personal inflation rate assignment help

Read an article about why people experience different rates of inflation.  Then calculate your own personal inflation rate.

Part A.

Read the article: “The Consumer Price Index – Why the Published Averages Don’t Always Match an Individual’s Inflation Experience.”

To go to the article, click here:

Part B.

Now determine your own personal rate of inflation – that is, the average rate of increase in prices of the goods and services that you yourself purchase.  Is your personal inflation rate higher, lower, or about the same as the official rate of inflation measured by the CPI?

Hint: Divide your typical expenditures into the various classes listed in the article.  Then look up the current rates of inflation for each of the expenditure classes.  Find current rates of inflation at:

Under “Current CPI Economic News Releases”, select (HTML).

Then select Table 1.

The inflation rate is the unadjusted percentage change from one year ago.


2 to 3 pages or depending on the requirements , 12-point fonts, 1.5 spacing and wide margins on all sides! 

Language. Be precise in formulating your thoughts. Reread your paper more than once before handing in, use spell-checkers and grammar instructions. Typo’s are likely to downgrade the final assessment of the paper, you will be judged mainly about your contact and information

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