Read Case Study and answer the questions on Organizational structures

To understand Organizational Structures, their relationship to strategy, and their impact on organizational performance, we need to understand some of the basic theoretical frameworks galbraith star model and apply them to real life cases. Last week you each looked at a specific framework galbraith star model in depth. This week you are to apply your knowledge to the Staples case.

Your assignment is as follows:

Staples has hired you and your team as consultants to help them review their Organizational Structure. They want you to look at their current strategy and organizational structure (reporting lines, responsibilities, strategic objectives, etc.) and tell them…

1.  What does their strategy say about the products or services to be provided, the markets to be served, the value to be offered to the customer, and their sources of competitive advantage (if any)?

2.  How aligned is their structure with the strategy outlined in (1) above.

3.  Are departments arranged in the proper manner which allows them to achieve their market objectives?

4.  Do they have the right levels of centralization/decentralization?

5.  Finally, what changes would you recommend to their structure and why?

I want to see your analysis and final recommendations with explanations.

The assignment is to be handed in as a team exercise and evaluation will depend on the quality of work as well as on the class discussion.

05_Structure_Staples (2).docx 

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