Read the story titled Alter Egos in a Virtual World and listen to the podcast on Digital Life click Listen COM 36 Week 2 Disc 2

Read the story titled Alter Egos in a Virtual World and listen to the podcast on Digital Life (click “Listen”). In online worlds and games, people take on the personas of the avatars, or characters, they create. Discuss how physical characteristics and the personality of these avatars influence communication and the identity of the person the avatar represents. Do you think these virtual worlds positively influence intercultural communications or perpetuate stereotypes? Why? If you have taken part in any virtual worlds or role-playing games yourself, such as Second Life, EverQuest, or World of Warcraft, also share your experiences of the ways in which nonverbal communication plays a role in the behavior of people in such communities. Respond to at least two of your fellow students’ postings by Day 7. (You must create one initial post and at least two responses, for a minimum of three posts for this discussion.)

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